It’s Time to Migrate your Container Runtime, Kubernetes 1.24 is coming

Container Runtime History

  • Decouple kubelet and actual container runtime implementation, accelerating iteration
  • Give community developers the right to customize implementations. This culminated in the implementation of the container runtime interface (CRI), letting system components (like the kubelet) talk to container runtimes in a standardized way.

Container Runtime Comparison

Low-Level Container Runtimes/ OCI Runtimes

Native runtimes

  • runC — created by Docker and the OCI. It is now the de-facto standard low-level container runtime. runC is written in Go. It is maintained under moby — Docker’s open source project.
  • crun — an OCI implementation led by Redhat. crun is written in C. It is designed to be lightweight and performant, and was among the first runtimes to support cgroups v2.

Sandboxed and virtualized runtimes

CRI/High Level Runtime

  • containerd — Extracted from the early docker source code, it is also the current industry-standard container runtime.
  • CRI-O — an open-source implementation of Kubernetes’ container runtime interface (CRI), offering a lightweight alternative to rkt and Docker.



Container Engines

  • podman — image running
  • buildah — image building
  • skopeo — image distribution





Enterprise Modernization, Platforms & Cloud | CKA | CKS | 3*AWS | GCP | Vault | Istio | EFK | CICD |

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Inder Singh

Inder Singh

Enterprise Modernization, Platforms & Cloud | CKA | CKS | 3*AWS | GCP | Vault | Istio | EFK | CICD |

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